Calibrated in Both Directions

The industrial torque wrenches are calibrated in both directions to a +/- 3% (CW) and +/- 5% (CCW) accuracy. These units are tested and proven to maintain their accuracy for 10,000 cycles at full torque capacity.


Calibration is performed by comparison with reference standards which have been calibrated by a recognized NIST-laboratory and are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. A certificate of calibration is included with all of our torque wrenches with individual traceable serial number for each unit.

100% Steel

The entire body is 100% steel and feels solid in your hand with the knurled handle’s non-slip grip. The engraved Foot-Pound and Newton Meter dual scale provides a vivid and clear reading of the measurement.

Model# CP31200, CP31201, CP31202, CP31202-250FL, CP31203
• Designed for continuous heavy-duty industrial use

• Calibrated for CW and CCW directions
• Accuracy ±3% CW, ±5% CCW
• Certified in accordance with ASME B107.300-2010 and ISO 6789:2003
• Maintain accuracy for 10,000 cycles at full torque capacity
• CNC machined components produce consistent accuracy
• Positive lock mechanism with spring loaded pull down ring
• Includes calibration certificate
• Custom fitted case included