The Right Materials

Chrome-Molybdenum tops the chart in terms of Rockwell hardness and durability, which makes us proud to say that our bolt cutter blades are made of it.

Smart Design

Using heavy-duty, large bolts (Class 10.9) gives bolt cutters significantly more leverage, which leads to easier cutting and less fatigue.

Federal Standards

Capri Tools is proud to say that our cutters meet the GGG-C-740d Type II federal standard.

Model# CP40200, CP40201, CP40202, CP40203, CP40204, CP40205, CP40206
• Industrial bolt cutter with CrMo steel blades

• Cut through wires, chains, rods, and other metals
• Drop forged, heat treated, CrMo jaws
• Ergonomic grip for increased comfort and efficiency
• Serrated blades seamlessly shear through most metals
• Guaranteed performance by Capri Tools
• Lifetime Warranty